Personal Best Karate

tiresPersonal Best Karate in Norton Massachusetts is going above and beyond the Reviver Challenge registration fee.

Not only do they have a team already comprised of 25 people but each team member will raise a minimum of $75 to go towards a specific Mayan family in need of basic necessities such as a stove and bed. Their generosity will surely go a long, long way.

We are featuring them as a valued contributor of our mission and are very grateful for their spirit in helping. Their name rings true, Thank you Personal Best Karate and Jessica Downing for choosing to give your personal best to Reviver Challenge.

Please check out them out at

tinaroseTina Rose

A week or so before the race, a friend of mine told me about the Reviver Challenge which I had never heard of. I looked into it and loved the fact that it was a family oriented event that benefited charities. So I signed my kids up and then with encouragement from the race director (Catherine), also signed myself up to run.  It was such a wonderful experience to share with my kids and they absolutely loved it! My son ran it twice and both kids (and myself) left feeling so proud of what was accomplished.  Any level of fitness can participate which I also loved and appreciated! The volunteers were so supportive and full of encouragement at each obstacle. We met some other great people running too. I’m so thankful to Catherine for encouraging me to run with my kids.  We are planning to race again next year and are looking forward making more awesome memories!

SONY DSCConnie Sweeney

In my 40-something-stay-at-home-Mom’s existence, I have come to face certain undeniable truths. #1 Enjoy the little things.(Oooh! I have a coupon for THAT!) #2 Life is mysterious. (Why does no one else know how to replace an empty toilet paper roll?). I know it’s getting pretty tedious around here when the most exciting and satisfying event is when all the socks match when they come out of the dryer. ….then comes a special day in Sprig. Pulses quicken. There is a certain buzz in the air. It’s time for Reviver. Nothing will bring out your inner Xena Warrior Princess (or Hercules, guys!). more than a little war paint and a breath-taking (literally!) run through, up,around and over the woods and obstacles of Reviver Challenge. For this barely in shape gal, it is definitely a challenge and one I would not take if it weren’t for the prodding of some dear, well-meaning and slightly mischievous friends. We never know what we will discover about ourselves in those unpredictable woods. Who are we when we are alone? Am I strong? Do I have what it takes? It does not matter because that intoxicating elixir of mud and sweat drives us on and let’s face it, this is MUCH more fun than cleaning the bathroom! Besides, nothing sounds sweeter than my daughter’s and husband’s combined cheers shouting “Go, Mommy!! GO!! Nothing is more of a metaphor for life than looking up from the bottom of the hill and thinking “I ran up THAT?!”. Nothing feels better than looking down at my muddy sneakers ( is that blood?). and realizing “Yes. Yes I did.” And nothing completes the entire experience more than hoping against hope that when I wash those mountain-soaked socks, they may actually BOTH come out of the dryer.


Edwin Rivas

Edwin Rivas is this weeks focus on our Stories page. Edwin is interested in design, architecture and engineering, he loves music, art and trying all things new…especially “events” that push him physically. He wants to graduate Central Falls, get a good job and help his family. When Edwin was thirteen…(he is currently 18). He had a tumor that “ate” his knee joint. He had two major surgeries to remove the tumor and reconstruct his knee….it is somewhat “fused.” The doctor decided not replace his knee with an artificial joint, but reconstructed with what “was left.”  The doctors told him that it will “not grow back” and that his knee will not “improve.” Edwin was also told not to run and play sports which was very difficult for Edwin to hear, he was told that he could get involved in some swimming. The great news is that when Edwin exercises and works out it actually makes his knee feel better and less stiff. Needless to say he is looking forward to the Reviver Challenge and wants to travel with Kids in the Canyon to New York for the Spartan Race on April 7th.

KarenMacIntoshPhotoKaren Macintosh

“Not wanting to make a fool of my 58 year old,  5’2”, less than slim self, I wrote to the organizers of the 2013 Reviver Challenge to ask about the “do-ability” of the course.  I received realistic and encouraging advice from Catherine and Annette.  My 28 year old, very fit (and good looking) son accompanied me (I think he wanted to avoid an “emergency contact” call about his mother collapsing in the woods!).   At the sign up area, we met wonderful people and my confidence soared.  I started bragging about having skills to conquer the obstacles, especially the tires, after all, who can’t walk through a bunch of tires?   Of course when I landed face first inside a tire, I adjusted my opinion.  The most challenging part of the course for me was the ski slope climb.  It looked so beautiful, it looked so easy, but I kept thinking how much better it would be on horseback.  Soon we were weaving the wooded trails, and completing obstacles, and making good progress.  Pitiful of me, but I just did not want to be last, so I kept checking to see if there were others behind us. The organizers were so helpful all along the course.  Doubts entered my mind when I wanted to jog for a bit, and my legs were willing, but my lungs were complaining.  My son (the genius) said, “Mom, there is more course behind us than ahead, just pace yourself, you are doing great.”  Sometimes words can lift you, and so we completed the mud pit, crawled though big tubes, met the challenges (8 out of 10 for me and all 10 for my son). The slip and slide cooled us off, and as we approached the finish much to my delight, there were people clapping and chanting my name!  This was a significant accomplishment for me, and it was worth every bit of effort.  Of course it was fantastic that I shared some time with my son, and that he coached his old lady to succeed at something new.  The organizers were correct, it is a challenging but doable event.  The extra bonus was from the organizers themselves, the kindness, the encouragement, and the realistic advice.  Well done Reviver Challenge People—I applaud you in return for making an adventure– safe, worthwhile, and fun.”

-Karen Macintosh