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Elite Adult Runners: 9:00am – $50
Elite Under 18 Runners: 10:30am – $25

Adult and Youth Elite Runners register below

Adult Runners (non-elite): waves 1-6 –  $50
Under 18 Runners (non elite): waves 1-6 –  $25

Waves 1-6 Runners register below

What is an Elite Adult Runner? – (9:00am). This wave is not for the light of heart or the occasional runner; in fact if you are questioning weather you are an elite runner or not – you’re not, you should choose one of the Open Waves which start later..

High School Challenge –  This race is for any high school students, including 12th grade graduating seniors.

Middle School Challenge – This race is for any 6th, 7th, or 8th graders.

Elementary School Challenge – This race is for Kindergarten – 5th grade

Open Wave – Open to all ages. Teams can choose these waves. For families who would like to run with their kids

Repeat Run – This race is for anyone who would like to compete in the course again. Take off your bib number and get to the starting line. Not for the faint of heart.

Please use child’s current school grade, not the future grade. School’s not over yet!

We’re different because we let you run more than once. We welcome you to stay for a while, make a day of it, run in your registered wave and stick around til 1:00pm when anyone and everyone can run again.

We’re different because our race is open to all ages. We encourage families with young children to enjoy this event together.

We’re different because the cost of registration shouldn’t be an obstacle. We make it affordable and hope that you wont break the bank to enjoy this great day.

We’re different because 100% of your registration fee goes directly to charity. We started this race as a fundraiser, and have kept it that way. It is our passion to financially support the dreams and hopes of those who fight the “real” obstacles in this life.

What if we are a team – Those participating as teams can run in any wave but not when the elite runners are running. Theme costumes are more than welcome – get creative and pick a name!

School Challenge

Let’s find out who is the best High School and Middle School. Which school will take home the Trophy? Sign up your team today.
Top 3 races from each team will be counted.