Obstacle Test Page


1. The Mayan Mountain
We all have mountains we are trying to overcome in our lives. Whether they be poverty or loss or broken hearts. …Getting up the mountain symbolizes the struggle we fight to overcome. Come and join us. After all…”It’s only a mountain”

2. The Onslaught
Life is going to shove you around a lot. Come face to face with a group of students determined to knock you down. Push through and persevere and you will be able to withstand this onslaught.

3. The Walls of Struggle
We hit a lot of walls in life. Instead of standing in front of them, crash through them and get over.

4. Mystery Obstacle #1
Well we can’t tell you what we’re planning for this obstacle, for 2 reasons; 1) we don’t want you to get overly prepared for it, 2) it’s not quite ready to be shown or even talked about.

5. The Balance
Keeping our health in check to attain a healthy balance is a huge struggle, especially for those burdened with poverty. With no money for medical care, many people suffer unnecessarily. This obstacle symbolizes the way Reviver Challenge helps people in need balance their health.

6. The Rope Wall
By the mere fact that we are all human beings, this rope wall shows how we are all inter woven together. Walking different streets but still walking. Just trying to get through this thing we call life. Let’s help one another while we go.

7. Mike’s Wall
Sponsored by Dell – Named after Mike Harrold, a dear friend we’ve lost, Mike’s wall is a reminder of the coaches in your life and an inspiration to overcome.

8. The Crawl Under
If you are poverty stricken, you will need to make a choice between eating and schooling. With no public education, many children are forced to stop their schooling and obtain work. Get on your hands and knees and crawl under This obstacle and you are helping fund children go to school. If you are interested in sponsoring a child’s education, please go to www.mayanfamilies.org.

9. The Pipeline
These tube in the mud and muck have an entrance and an exit. By you going through them, imagine helping others go from despair to hope, from being hungry to having food, from having no one care for them to a hand reached out.

10. The Cinder Block
Yes, our problems seem heavy at times – almost unbearable. But we know you can suck it up and push through the pain. And when you complete this carry, you can throw those burdens down.

11. The Downpour
Rainy season in Guatemala brings mudslides and leaky roofs. When life pours down on you, keep on running through it.

12. The Climb
Sometimes we are faced with overwhelming obstacles. Evan was an example of climbing up and facing his battle head on. Face your fears, Grab the monkey bars and climb….because Evan would.

13. Mystery Obstacle #2
Here’s another mystery obstacle for you, and we saved this for the last for 2 reasons; 1) we want ALL spectators to see you in your finest – right out in the open, 2) this is the prime spot for photo opportunities – yeah, this will go viral.