Reviver Challenge is a race designed to help you Run a Race Where Others Win.  You will compete against yourself in this 2+ mile course with 12 different obstacles along the way. And your determination to complete the course will benefit others.

  1. Our race is open to all ages
  2. We accept you at any fitness level
  3. 100% of your registration fee goes directly to charity.


We are a volunteer based organization who’s passion is to put on the best race we can at an affordable cost for all. Our runners range in age from 6 to 65 years old, from walkers, trotters, runners and elite athletes.


All Proceeds with be donated to Mayan Families and Kids in the Canyon – two groups who are in the business of helping others break through the obstacles in their lives. We all take hits in life and fall down. Those who embrace the essence of perseverance are in a constant state of “reviving” their spirit. We lose our way and we get back up again. We, here at Reviver Challenge, believe that our race is a way to demonstrate the greatness that lives inside of you.


Reviver Challenge is held this year on May 21st, 2016 at the Lincoln YMCA, we are very excited to be at this amazing location and we think you will too!


Reviver Bridges:

“A bridge is a structure built for the purpose of providing a passage over an obstacle.” Reviver Bridges is in the business of helping people overcome their obstacles. We provide money, resources, and connections that help people go from having no one to care for them, to an outstretched hand. We do this through various programs.

1. Reviver Challenge

Fundraising efforts bring in thousands of dollars to financially support various organizations helping others.

2. Artisans

“The Kind Market” is a place where you can make a “Purchase with a Purpose.” Buy all kinds of cool items handmade by a group of Guatemalan women who are providing for their families. Since there is no such thing as “unemployment” over there, the work they obtain through producing these items pulls them out of extreme poverty.
Orders of any quantity can be handled. And they can make anything from soccer balls to mosquitoes.
-Makes for a great company gift.
Please contact Cat Reyes with any questions or to place your order. familiareyes2@msn.com

3. Sponsor a Child

If you’ve always wanted to help someone and didn’t know how, consider changing the life of a child through education. For $30/month, you can provide a child with school supplies, uniforms, and school fees so they can learn to pull themselves out of poverty. Please contact Lynn Lawson for details lawson-david@comcast.net

4. Collections

Have a bunch of beanie babies hanging around that you thought you’d sell for millions someday? What about matchbox cars or little toys that your kids have outgrown? What about sneakers, crocs, sandals, soccer cleats? Or old towels and sheets and blankets? Recycle them through us and we will find a good home for them. We ship down several boxes every year and would love to send over your used stuff. Please see complete listing of items needed…

5. Service Mission Trips

Each summer, a group of willing volunteers head over to beautiful Lake Atitlan in Panajachel, Guatemala. We spend 7 days serving the people, delivering goods, working on construction projects, and bringing love and kindness to the people. If you are interested in attending one of our trips, please contact Cat Reyes at familiareyes2@msn.com

6. Construction/Architecture – Guatemalan Style

One of the greatest needs in Guatemala is shelter. Revive your gifts in either construction or architecture by building a home for a family in a very challenging environment. Learn to work with a very meager budget and limited resources and challenge yourself with a project that will be truly life changing. Please contact Cat Reyes for more information at cat@reviverchallenge.com